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MAPS-AND-CRAFTS @ Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven on Oct 26th

MAPS-AND-CRAFT will exhibit next week on Thursday October 26th at the Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven! Why not use this unique opportunity to have a personal look at our fascinating geo-jewelry or our elegant and useful wall holder for bathrooms.

You can find us at the  EXPO AT YKSI at the exhibit ofshapewas logo. Please find direction for traveling to YKSI here.

Unpacking Our New 3d printed Jewelry Design

Unpacking new jewelry of your favorite placeAlways an extremely  exciting event – today the first print of our newly designed Geo Jewelry arrived from shapeways.

During the digital creation of our Jewelry we saw various virtual previews from any possible angle. For testing we have 3D printed each design several times in plastic to find the optimal shape and size. But receiving the first prints in metal is the final moment of truth. Is the design quite as detailed and delicate as we wanted it to be? Does it show the shimmer and magic reflection we wanted it to have?

Seeing the digital idea materialized in a precious metal Jewelry is a most satisfying reward for all the hours and hours spent on crafting a new Jewelry. A reward that can only be  exceeded  by friends and customers liking the new Jewelry.


How is our Geo Jewelry made ?

brass jewelry made using 3d printing

Berlin Pendant from Brass

Several people ask us how our Geo Jewelry is made. Therefore we  describe in this article the complex process of creating our precious metal Jewelry.

The digitally crafted 3D computer model of our Geo Jewelry turns into a physical metal object in five steps.  These steps involve an interesting mixture of high-tech 3D Printing as well as traditional handcraft.

This results in a remarkable Jewelry, where no two pieces are identical. It has its own special character, which is somewhere between the handcrafted, unique jewelry made by a goldsmith and a fully automated industrial product.

3d-printing for precious metal Jewelry

First of all the digital 3D model is 3D-printed in wax. This step requires a specialized high-resolution 3D printer. Next a liquid plaster is poured around the wax object to create a casting mold. After that the mold is heated in a furnace to remove the wax.

Now a metal like gold, silver,brass or bronze is melted. It is poured into the mold as in a traditional casting process. When the metal has cooled the plaster is removed and the raw Jewelry is cleaned.

For final processing the Jewelry is briefly tumbled. This produces a rustic matte and antique look to the surface of our bronze, silver or brass pendants as shown in the picture above.

gold plated jewelry made using 3d printing

Mallorca Pendant Gold Plated

Depending on the desired finish for your order the Jewelry is thereafter extensively hand polished to achieve a smooth and shiny surface.

Our precious plated jewelry are additionally plated with a palladium base-layer. This gives additional strength and durability. Finally a thin layer of Gold or Rhodium plating is applied. This produces a beautiful shiny and smooth surface as you can see in the picture to the right.