Basque Country

basque country pendant brass

Basque Country Jewelry (Brass)

The Basque Country – or Euskara in its own language – not only has a unique culture with many local customs. It also has a beautiful geographical contour when the four regions in Spain and the three ones in France are viewed together.

We have created from that outline a nice pendant, which shows your love of the Basque Country to everybody.

It can be ordered from our 3d print provider Shapeways in a number of metals (silver, brass, bronze, gold, steel).

order Basque country pendant here

A necklace of your choice can be attached using a small eyelet with a 0.9 mm / 0.035 inch hole.

Size of the pendant:   ~ 2.9 cm x 2.3 cm x 3mm     /    ~1.1 in x  0.9 in x  0.12 in

Please contact us if you are looking for a pendant of an other city or geographical outline.